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Making time for your Mental Health

Create habits of happiness by Lucy Ruth.

Image by Lucy Ruth

Covid-19 has left all of us mentally exhausted. Whether you lost your job, business, lost on your investment, or whatever circumstance you are in right now. Depression, hopelessness, and anxiety are at an all-time high. 2020 was a terrible year, and it is essential while we wait for positive change to create happiness habits to go through the fleeting season of hardships.

When we focus our minds on positive thoughts, we will achieve great things. …

Be the CEO of your relationships.

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Relationships are part of our everyday life. Without them, life will be void. Some relationships are organic, and some not organic. Organic relationships are the ones that blossom throughout the season. They are as good as the evergreen tree, which despite all seasons, is staying green. I am an outdoor lover, and my ideal life, given the green blessings, will be living somewhere in the middle of nowhere near the magnificent Vumba Mountains in Zimbabwe. I find solace in nature, and green surroundings bring me mere joy. Green is a good sign. Green means life, wellness, wealth and green…

Black history by Lucy Ruth

Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

Our ancestors fought slavery so that I would have the privilege to write this article without chains and without being whipped for sitting on a chair to write. They worked hard despite the inhumane treatment that they lived. Slaves worked hard for their education. They were eager to learn and work hard to be free from oppression. They encountered hardships. They had the mental resilience to be fugitives, running away from the Northern states’ pressure, braving the dangerous weather along the way en route to settling in various states and some en route to a haven, which was in Canada…

How to Forgive

Set yourself Free!

By Lucy Ruth

There is more unhappiness, depression, anger, and resentment in unforgiveness and in the end, it tends to hurt us more. Forgiveness brings some form of healing. As a result of losing my mother at the young age of ten, I have lived the pain. My mother committed suicide and left behind three young children. I had so many unanswered why’s? In my quest to finding why, I became resentful to my dead mother. I never visited her graveyard; I just did not care. I had a belief system ingrained in my brain that she…

Lucy Ruth

Lucy Ruth is a 5X best-selling author, award-winning speaker, and a youth mentor. Lucy has a passion for solving social ills. Life gets better is her motto!

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